USB lamp LED lamp USB light portable computer USB lamp


Estimated delivery date 2021/02/27



Material: rubber

Product features:
Product is 6 lamp bead, light bead covered by special diffusers, so can make downy lamplight illume effect to reduce the harm of human eyes;
Six lights, the total power consumption is 2 W, power consumption is very low, but the lighting effect is very good, like during the day by reading at night
Gm in notebooks, mobile power, mobile phone charger and desktop computers, etc., USB interface without driver, plug
Box, USB power source, without additional power, long service life, high brightness,
Area lights brightness is enough to light up the whole keyboard.

Package:1*millet portable lamp

Additional information

Weight 30.0 kg

Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Random, Red, Pink, White, Purple


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