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Stretch sofa cover all inclusive




Material: blended
Fabric main component: polyester fiber (polyester)
Fabric main component content: 92
Fabric sub-component: Polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex)
Product Category: Slipcover
Style: modern simplicity
pattern: plain
Color Classification : Sofa Cover Product Category Sofa Cover (covering the entire sofa)
Applicable sofa type: sectional sofa
Size: single position [90-140cm]+2pcxPillowcase, double position [145-185cm]+2pcxPillowcase, three people [195-230cm]+2pcxPillowcase, four person position [235-300cm]+2pcxPillowcase


Note: 2PS stands for 2 pillow cases

Pillowcase size: 45x45cm

Additional information

Weight 100.0--1150.0 kg

Candygreen, RoseRed, Red, Beige, Glamouryellow, Darkred, Candypurple, Candypurple, Darkredwith2PS, Camel, Darkred, SkyBlue, Darkgreen, SkyBlue, NavyBlue, White, SkyBlue, Candyorange, Darkgreen, Candygreen, SkyBlue, Candyorange, Yellow, NavyBlue, Candypurple, Lightcoffee, Silvergray, Purple, WineRed, Candypurple, Yellowwith2PS, LightPurple, Black, WineRed, Silvergray, Lightcoffee, RoseRed, RoseRed, Candypurple, Glamouryellow, Lightcoffee, RoyalBlue, Silvergray, Beanred, Silvergray, Candygreen, Candygreen, Darkgreen, RoyalBlue, ArmyGreen, Yellowwith2PS, Darkredwith2PS, ArmyGreen, Gray, Darkred, Candyorange, LightPurple, Beanred, WineRed, Beanred, Glamouryellow, NavyBlue, WineRed, Darkgreen, ArmyGreen, RoyalBlue, Silvergray, LightPurple, Candygreen, LightPurple, Glamouryellow, Darkredwith2PS, WineRed, Glamouryellow, NavyBlue, Darkgreen, Candyorange, Darkredwith2PS, NavyBlue, Lightcoffee, Candyorange, Darkred, Yellowwith2PS, Beanred, Lightcoffee, RoseRed, LightPurple, Beanred, RoyalBlue, SkyBlue, Yellowwith2PS, ArmyGreen, RoyalBlue, RoseRed, Darkred, ArmyGreen


42~45CM, 2seatset, 3seatset, 1seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 1set, 4seatset, 3seatset, 4seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 2seatset, 1seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 2seatset, 2seatset, 2seatset, 2seatset, 2seatset, 4seatset, 4seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 3seatset, 2seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 2set, 2seatset, 4seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 1seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 2seatset, 4seatset, 3seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 3seatset, 1set, 3seatset, 3set, 3seatset, 2seatset, 1seatset, 3seatset, 3seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 3seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 3seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 3seatset, 2seatset, 4seatset, 3seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 3seatset, 1seatset, 1seatset, 1seatset, 1seatset, 4set, 2seatset, 2seatset, 4seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 2set, 1seatset, 2seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 3set, 4seatset, 3seatset, 4seatset, 4seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 4seatset, 3seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 4set, 4seatset, 1seatset, 2seatset, 1seatset


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.