Stretch sofa cover all inclusive


Estimated delivery date 2021/03/05


Material: blended
Fabric main component: polyester fiber (polyester)
Fabric main component content: 92
Fabric sub-component: Polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex)
Product Category: Slipcover
Style: modern simplicity
pattern: plain
Color Classification : Sofa Cover Product Category Sofa Cover (covering the entire sofa)
Applicable sofa type: sectional sofa
Size: single position [90-140cm]+2pcxPillowcase, double position [145-185cm]+2pcxPillowcase, three people [195-230cm]+2pcxPillowcase, four person position [235-300cm]+2pcxPillowcase


Note: 2PS stands for 2 pillow cases

Pillowcase size: 45x45cm

Additional information

Weight 100.0--1150.0 kg

42~45CM, 2seatset, 3seatset, 1seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 1set, 4seatset, 3seatset, 4seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 2seatset, 1seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 2seatset, 2seatset, 2seatset, 2seatset, 2seatset, 4seatset, 4seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 3seatset, 2seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 2set, 2seatset, 4seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 1seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 2seatset, 4seatset, 3seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 3seatset, 1set, 3seatset, 3set, 3seatset, 2seatset, 1seatset, 3seatset, 3seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 3seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 3seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 3seatset, 2seatset, 4seatset, 3seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 3seatset, 1seatset, 1seatset, 1seatset, 1seatset, 4set, 2seatset, 2seatset, 4seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 2set, 1seatset, 2seatset, 1seatset, 4seatset, 3set, 4seatset, 3seatset, 4seatset, 4seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 4seatset, 3seatset, 4seatset, 1seatset, 2seatset, 3seatset, 4set, 4seatset, 1seatset, 2seatset, 1seatset


Candygreen, RoseRed, Red, Beige, Glamouryellow, Darkred, Candypurple, Candypurple, Darkredwith2PS, Camel, Darkred, SkyBlue, Darkgreen, SkyBlue, NavyBlue, White, SkyBlue, Candyorange, Darkgreen, Candygreen, SkyBlue, Candyorange, Yellow, NavyBlue, Candypurple, Lightcoffee, Silvergray, Purple, WineRed, Candypurple, Yellowwith2PS, LightPurple, Black, WineRed, Silvergray, Lightcoffee, RoseRed, RoseRed, Candypurple, Glamouryellow, Lightcoffee, RoyalBlue, Silvergray, Beanred, Silvergray, Candygreen, Candygreen, Darkgreen, RoyalBlue, ArmyGreen, Yellowwith2PS, Darkredwith2PS, ArmyGreen, Gray, Darkred, Candyorange, LightPurple, Beanred, WineRed, Beanred, Glamouryellow, NavyBlue, WineRed, Darkgreen, ArmyGreen, RoyalBlue, Silvergray, LightPurple, Candygreen, LightPurple, Glamouryellow, Darkredwith2PS, WineRed, Glamouryellow, NavyBlue, Darkgreen, Candyorange, Darkredwith2PS, NavyBlue, Lightcoffee, Candyorange, Darkred, Yellowwith2PS, Beanred, Lightcoffee, RoseRed, LightPurple, Beanred, RoyalBlue, SkyBlue, Yellowwith2PS, ArmyGreen, RoyalBlue, RoseRed, Darkred, ArmyGreen


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.