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• 2 in 1 Power Bank and Wallet rechargeable
• Holds up to 8 cards
• Wallet Deluxe Portable Power Bank and Credit Card Case
• Holds enough power to fully charge up to two Smart phones.
• Accordion design organizes cards and cash;
• The stylish and durable casing is aluminium-constructed.
• Compatible with all Smartphones including Samsung and iPhone.
• It is not limited to just charging phones, it can also charge tablets, cameras, MP3 players, mobile gaming systems and any other device that can be charged via standard USB output.
• All of our CHARG products are specifically designed for the stylish individual who demands high-quality products with an excellent value, while keeping up with the latest trends and technology.
• The Charge Wallet is a must have for anyone that needs that little extra power throughout the day without needing to be tethered to a wall outlet.
• This wallet indicator light fully lits when product is fully-charged; charge-time: 4-6 hours.
• Carry a portable phone charger wherever you go


2 in 1 Portable Rechargeable Power Bank and Credit Card Protector Case Business Card Holders Wallet Storage Box
【Free Gift: USB Cable】
• 【Free Gift: USB Cable】


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