Litchi pattern, shoulder bag, shoulder slash


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Texture: artificial leather
Color Classification: Linen Blue (25cm) Hailan (25cm) Grass Green (25cm) Mint Green (25cm) Earth Yellow (25cm) Pink (25cm) Orange (25cm) Khaki (25cm) Malachite Green (25cm) Light Blue (25cm) Dark Gray (25cm) Light yellow (25cm) Rose red (25cm) Elephant gray (25cm) Apple green (25cm) Makeup powder (25cm) Deep khaki (25cm) Pink purple (25cm) Dark blue (25cm) Apricot (25cm) Red (25cm) White (25cm) (size 20cm) The color is the same as above, please consult (size 30cm) the color is the same as above, please consult
Style: handbag popular
Style name: Platinum bag

Litchi Platinum three sizes: 20cm/25cm/30cm

Additional information

Weight 680.0--730.0 kg

20cm, 25cm, 30cm


Grassgreen, Lightyellow, Khaki, Seablue, Pinkpurple, Elephantash, Darkkhaki, Jujube, Elephantash, Darkblue, Pinkpurple, MintGreen, Makeuppowder, Makeuppowder, MintGreen, Lightyellow, Applegreen, Orange, Apricot, Makeuppowder, Peacockblue, Rosered, Seablue, Darkblue, Lightblue, Elephantash, Earthyellow, Creamywhite, Darkblue, Darkgray, MintGreen, Peacockblue, Rosered, Linenblue, Seablue, Earthyellow, Darkgray, Applegreen, Linenblue, Earthyellow, Creamywhite, Pink, Lightblue, Grassgreen, Rosered, Lightyellow, Linenblue, Pinkpurple, Grassgreen, Peacockblue, Applegreen, Darkgray, Creamywhite, Lightblue, Darkkhaki, Darkkhaki


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.