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How To Get Rid Of Fibroid Naturally Without Surgery

If you want to know how to get rid of fibroids naturally, then read on. 

How I Expel Fibroids from My Body Naturally Without Surgery

Dear Friend,

I know you would like to SAVE yourself and loved ones from a chronic Fibroid and it's deadly complications such as painful sexual intercourse, pelvic pain, frequent urination, back ache and infertility.

My name is Funke, when I was 35, I was told there was little chance I would ever be able to have a child. The news was crushing as I and my husband were desperate to become parents.

"When They Discovered the Fibroid There Were A Lot Of Them And The Doctor Said It Was Unlikely I'd Be Able To Have Children ,"

In my journey to have a family, i was diagnosed with several large uterine fibroids, I was devastated as I had just met my partner and we had talked about having a family. The fibroids were so bad I thought I’d have to have a hysterectomy to take everything out as it was getting worse and worse.

"My Fibroids Were Eventually Diagnosed"

I had three very big ones and several smaller ones. I opted to have a myomectomy operation to remove the three largest fibroids, although there were complications. The doctors only knew I was anaemic on the morning of the operation and I ended up having 10 bags of blood. 

I had the surgery in the morning and by 7pm that night I had to go back into surgery to stopthe bleeding. I was expecting them to have to carry out a hysterectomy ( a sugical operation to  remove all or part of the uterus) but fortunately they managed to stop the bleeding.

After the operation, I and my Husband began trying for a baby and after six months of no success, we underwent IVF (process of fertilization by extracting eggs and retrieving a sperm sample for fertilization). Although that was unsuccessful, I did become pregnant naturally, only to lose the baby at 11 weeks, after which my fibroids began to cause further problems.  

 How Natural Herbal Supplement Helped Me To Have A Family

When the condition began to have a serious impact on my everyday life, I returned to my gynaecologist who recommended a "Forever Living Fibroid Removal Pack"

Introducing Forever Living Fibroid Removal Pack 

"1 Month Therapy"

" The Miracle Pill That Saved My Womb !"

This one month therapy ( Forever living fibroid removal pack) was the the ONLY product I used and it worked for me greatly; It helped Dissoves my Fibroids Without any other Surgery and it Regulate my Mensturaton normally.

After three months I started using this product (Forever living fibroid removal pack), I got pregnant again naturally but this time I didn't lose the babe and I have no problem related to Fibroid throughout my pregnancy period.



Considering the numerous side effects of orthodox medication, surgical procedures, it’s cost financially and the recurrent rate of fibroid.  It  makes  a lot of sense to explore the natural remedy of curing UTERINE FIBROID that is totally safe, cost effective, economical and that has proved very successful over the years  and it has been used worldwide among numerous  users.


The “FIBROID REMOVER KIT SUPPLEMENTS Therapy”  has been used for years for the shrinking of fibroid  and the  permanent cure of fibroid.


1 Litre of ALOE BERRY NECTAR JUICE which is a natural detox:

:This helps need to get rid of the system of unnatural growth

LYCIUM PLUS:Helps to enhance the immune system thereby preventing growth

BEE POLLEN:Helps to correct the body chemistry thereby preventing excess growth

GARLIC THYME:This helps to rid the reproductive system of unhealthy growth.



  • It contains more  than 200 nutritional compounds alongside with aloe vera gel, fresh cranberries and mellow apple.
  • It detoxifies the entire body systems of toxins and tumor due to the presence of vitamin A,C and E protecting the cells,tissues and organs
  • It aids rejuvenation
  • It is non-steroidal and has natural but strong anti-inflammatory properties in  shrinking fibroid tumor.
  • It cleanses the entire urinary tract system(uterus,bladder,kidneys,liver e.t.c) of any growth, bacteria,fungal and viral  and any other form of  microbial infections including  PID(Pelvic Inflammation Disease).
  • Natural source of flavonoids;oligomericproanthocyanidins(OPC’S) and pecithin.
DOSAGE: 40 ML 1 HOUR before or during meal 3 times daily



  • Combines vitamin a (beta-carotene),vitamin E and mineral selenium….powerful antioxidant
  • Protects the entire epithelial membrane;beneficial for skin.
  • Powerful antioxidant ;fight against damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Highly effective against cancer and tumor  formation.
  • Particularly important to women’s fertility
  • Supports healthy blood circulation.
  • Helps with skin disorders and menopausal hot flashes.
DOSAGE: 1 tablet 3 times daily 1 hour before meal.



  • Specially formulated to support your immune system; The blend includes the power of lactoferrin,maitake and shiitake mushrooms,along with vitamin C,vitamin D and zinc.
    Vitamin D ;strenghten immune cells.
  • Vitamin C ;fight free radical.
    In all it helps the body’s biological defense system to function at its peak performance.
  • DOSAGE1 tablet 3 times daily 1 hour before meal.



  • Contains (HCA),hydroxycitricacid,a compound which reduces the production of fats and the growth of fibroid tumor.
  • The primary ingredient is a natural substance from the fruit of of  Southern Asian tree Garcinia Cambogia also known as the Malabar Tamarind.
  • It acts as a natural appetite suppressant by inhibiting the enzyme(citrate  liase) which breaks down carbohydrate calories
  • It also contains chromium picolinate,MCT and Safflower oil for healthy function of the body
    DOSAGE: 1 tablet 2 times daily before meal


  • Natural source of antioxidants,bioflavonoid and other beneficial phytonurtrients.
  • Fights inflammation and viral,bacterial and parasitic infection;beneficial for fibroid growth,inflammatory bowel disorders.
  • Stimulate natural defense mechanisms that prevent the occurrence of tumour growth.
  • Beneficial for improving the immunity, nourshing the liver and kidney.
     DOSAGE: 1 tablet 2 times daily before meal
Success Story #1: Bola
"All 3 fibroids were gone."
"Hello, the supplement was extremely helpful to me. I had 2 small fibroids and one large fibroids (7.6 cm) and my doctor told me to have a hysterectomy. I am so glad I have found your post (as I was surfing the net for a solution and saw a recommendation for it on a women's health forum early this year). I have felt so empowered by the knowledge you have given me and I quickly self diagnosed the individual cause of my fibroids and armed with your clear instructions, I was finally able to beat this monster, in less than 7 weeks into the program. 9 weeks before the hysterectomy was due, I asked for a an ultrasound and it was clear that all 3 fibroids were gone.
Thank you, thank you , thank you. "
Success Story #2: Florence
"I am so excited to report that I am finally free from fibroids. The pain is one...completely! And the overall feeling is remarkable."
 Success Story #3: Bola
"By the end of the 6th week on a bright Monday morning, all the pain and the awful bloated feeling just stopped. I immediately went and performed another ultrasound and guess what? The fibroid was not there anymore. I was so happy!
Success Story #4: Ola
"Dear Funke, I wanted to drop you a note and say 'THANK YOU', from the bottom of my heart. I was browsing the Internet back in October last year looking for help, any help. I have been diagnosed with a large fibroid that was extremely painful especially at night before my period. Thankfully enough I accidentally came across your website. I thought I should give your supplement a try and if it worked then the price would have been worth it. I ordered for Fibroid remover supplement. After 7 days I didn't see any change so I thought 'here we go again'. But it wasn't another disappointment. By the end of the 6th week on a bright Monday morning, all the pain and the awful bloated feeling just stopped. I immediately went and performed another ultrasound and guess what? The fibroid was not there anymore. I was so happy!

According to medical experts,” taking   FIBROID REMOVER KITS SUPPLEMENTS THERAPY will surely help  because they are holistic and go to the body to reverse  whatever bad that had been done inside the body.They not only help in shrinking the fibroids but they provide permanent cure.Medical experts also stressed that in cases of patient that is bleeding uncontrollably or has a big fibroid mass. Surgery is suggested for such cases  and thereafter go back and use the FIBROID REMOVER KITS SUPPLEMENTS to prevent re-occurrence that will equally check re-growth and restore those that have undergone surgeries.

BERRY NECTAR: 2 Litres is needed for 30  days

BEE POLLEN: 100  Tablets is needed for 30 days

GARCINIA PLUS:70 Tablets is needed for 30 days

LYCIUM PLUS:60 Tablets is needed for 30 days

GARLIC THYME:100 Tablets is needed for 30days

THE TOTAL PRICE for a 30 days Full Pack is valued at =N=120,000

Based on the total values above, you already know that we can easily sell this FIBROID REMOVER KITS SUPPLEMENTS

for about =N=90,000 - because we already add exra bonuses which cost so much money and time in sourcing.

However, because you are here TODAY you won't pay that price. In fact, you won't pay even for =N=80,000.

You only need to pay  =N=55,000 if you act fast. 

NOTE: This Offer Will Expires In:

 I want you to feel deep in your bones you are getting the best deal possible.   Which is why I’ve got not 1 but 2 very special bonuses  For FREE!



100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now You Can Use Our Product For Three Months With NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, Just call us on 07033897023 to get your money back, I’m sure you won’t do that if you adhere to the prescription that comes with it strictly.

 So, If you don’t start getting those stubborn Fibroid dissolve within 3months, you’ll get every kobo of your money back as fast as we can.

And Get It Delivered To Your Doorstep

We can deliver this FIBROID REMOVER KITS SUPPLEMENTS to your door step in any major town or city in Nigeria.

I challenge you to do what I did, try it for yourself! Conduct your own study and see the incredible results for yourself. You won’t believe when your Fibroid started dissolving naturally! 

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