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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the Study
1.2 Statement of the Problem
1.3 Purpose of the Study
1.4 Research Questions
1.5 Research Hypotheses
1.6 Significance of the Study
1.7 Delimitation of the Study
1.8 Operational Definition of Terms

2.1 Definition of teaching Aids
2.2 Classification of teaching Aids
2.3 History of audio-visual Aids
2.4 Pros of Audio-visual Aids
2.5 Cons of Audio-visual Aids
2.6 The uses of audio-visual material and internet in learning
2.7 The effect of audio-visual material on learning computer.
2.8 The outcome of the effect on the audio, visual material and internet.
2.9 History of Internet.
2.10 Summary of reviewed related literature

3.0 Research Method
3.1 Research Design
3.2 Population
3.3 Research Procedure
3.4 Research Instrument
3.5 Validation of Research Instrument
3.6 Reliability
3.7 Data Analysis

4.0 Analysis of Data
4.1 introductions
4.2 Result
4.2.1 Hypothesis one
4.2.2 Hypothesis two
4.2.3 Hypothesis three
4.2.4 Hypothesis four
4.3 Discussion of Findings

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1 Summary
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendations
5.4 References


The study investigated the  effect of audio, visual material and internet on the learning outcome of junior secondary school students. Four (4) Junior Secondary Schools were randomly selected for the study. In all a total of 100 junior secondary school students participated in this study. The instruments used for data collection are set of twenty multiple choice computer study test items on topic to be covered and Students’ attitude, scale questionnaire (SASQ).The data obtained for the study were analyzed using SPSS 14.00 package and T-test statistics to test the two (2) research hypotheses. The findings revealed that: there is a significant difference between the student taught with Audio-visual materials and those taught with traditional method. there is no significant difference in learning outcome of male and female students taught with audio-visual material and internet. based on the findings, it was recommended that, In service teachers should also be trained through organized workshops, seminars, symposia and conferences to expose them to the essential features of audio-visual material and internet learning in order to improve their classroom practices, enhance students learning outcome and help them in handling large classes.




1.1     Background of the Study This research work titled “The use of Audio Visual-materials and internet in computer study on students learning performance” is informed by the prevalent global wave in the use of educational technology V is the – avis the situation of junior secondary in Ogun State. Being an experimental research, the study investigated the use of audio, visual material and internet and equipment in a typical school computer and evaluated the effect and the outcome of the use of such technology on the learning performance of students. There have been many technological dawns in the last 30 years, during which the desktop computer and internet have been developed; but there have been similar dawns throughout the 20th century. Film, radio, records, broadcast television, audiotape, videotape, programmed learning machines etc. each time enthusiasts have announced the transformation or even the end of the school, college and university. In fact, the impact on the bulk of teaching and learning has been minimal. Developments in paper /printing technologies have had for more influence, with the consequence that face-to-face discussion and paper resources still dominate public education. Audiovisual material and internet have been treated more as icing-on-the cake than as something at the very heart of learning and likewise their long-suffering support services (through the new media, particularly video, have fared somewhat better in the development of corporate training programs). In fact there is a debate in instructional design literature about whether there are any unique attributes of media that can promote improved learning.


Research Hypotheses

H01:   There is no significant different between the students taught with audio-visual material and those taught with traditional method.  

H02:   There is no significant difference in learning outcome of male and female students taught with audio-visual materials.

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