This is a registered company with Federal Government of Nigeria and why i’m i saying this? this is to assure you of our quality services

Pslooks Technologies came up with the idea of helping is sorting product from the market, because of our great understanding/ knowledge on Information Communication Technology (ICT) components and electronics, we are able to differentiate good products from the counterfeit once. For example Let take a look at Laptops in the market today.

As we all know that laptops are of different types produced from different companies (Hp, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, IBM, LG, Compaq, ASUS, Zinux and so on.)

Note: Company name does not determine the quality of there product,
What really determine the quality of any laptop is the VGA chip and Processor chip of that laptop and how heat is being

control from both chips. But to our surprise you will see so many laptops out there without a good control of heat.
This type of product will not last you more than a year, that’s one the reason you get mostly six to nine month waranty.

As a result of fake/ counterfeit products out there, pslooks technologies came up with the idea of helping companies,

organisations, associations and individual alikes to sort for quality products from the market and provide you with fast delivery of all products

The beautiful part of pslooks technologies is that, we help with the maintenance of the supply product in order to maintain its standard and functionality.

Are you planning to set up a company, Organisation, home, Office with set of ICT Gadgets/Electronics feel free to contact us at Pslooks Technologies. We promise to serve you better.

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  1. Call or Email us what you need us to get for you
  2. We sort for the Quality Products from the market and get back to you with the cost.
  3. Then we provide you a form to fill and make payment.
  4. Delivery Date will be sent to you immedately we confirm your payment
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