How To Get Rid Of Fibroid Naturally Without Surgery

If you want to know how to get rid of fibroids naturally, then read on. 

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I know you would like to SAVE yourself and loved ones from a chronic Fibroid and it’s deadly complications such as painful sexual intercourse, pelvic pain, frequent urination, back ache and infertility.


My name is Funke, when I was 35, I was told there was little chance I would ever be able to have a child. The news was crushing as I and my husband were desperate to become parents.


“When They Discovered the Fibroid There Were A Lot Of Them And The Doctor Said It Was Unlikely I’d Be Able To Have Children ,”

In my journey to have a family, i was diagnosed with several large uterine fibroids, I was devastated as I had just met my partner and we had talked about having a family. The fibroids were so bad I thought I’d have to have a hysterectomy to take everything out as it was getting worse and worse.

“My Fibroids Were Eventually Diagnosed”

I had three very big ones and several smaller ones. I opted to have a myomectomy operation to remove the three largest fibroids, although there were complications. The doctors only knew I was anaemic on the morning of the operation and I ended up having 10 bags of blood. 

I had the surgery in the morning and by 7pm that night I had to go back into surgery to stopthe bleeding. I was expecting them to have to carry out a hysterectomy ( a sugical operation to  remove all or part of the uterus) but fortunately they managed to stop the bleeding.


After the operation, I and my Husband began trying for a baby and after six months of no success, we underwent IVF (process of fertilization by extracting eggs and retrieving a sperm sample for fertilization). Although that was unsuccessful, I did become pregnant naturally, only to lose the baby at 11 weeks, after which my fibroids began to cause further problems.  

 How Natural Herbal Supplement Helped Me To Have A Family

When the condition began to have a serious impact on my everyday life, I returned to my gynaecologist who recommended a “BESTMADE

Introducing BESTMADE
  • HELP TO DISSOLVE & SHRINK your uterine fibroid or cyst with this all natural support system
  • BALANCE YOUR HORMONES so your body works effectively to eliminate and prevent these unwanted growths
  • SUPPORT & REGULATE YOUR CYCLE decrease pelvic pain, bloating, heavy discharge and unwanted spotting
  • STOP PAINFUL SEX when hormones are out of balance sex hurts normalize estrogen levels to get relief



This Bestmade was the the ONLY product I used and it worked for me greatly; It helped Dissoves my Fibroids Without any other Surgery and it Regulate my Mensturaton normally.

After three months I started using this product (Bestmade), I got pregnant again naturally but this time I didn’t lose the babe and I have no problem related to Fibroid throughout my pregnancy period.

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