How You Can Clean and Organized Your Car

Every vehicle owner knows that cars can get messy, especially when you have kids on board. Keep your car free from clutter with these seven brilliant tips.

  1. Put a shoe organizer on the back of the front passenger seat.

Repurpose a hanging shoe organizer into a storage station. Whether you need a place for toys or snacks, the pockets are the ideal fit. Click here to get yours.

  1. Keep cup holders clean with cupcake liners/ Tissue storage kit


Cup holders can get messy, filling up with crumbs, toys and food wrappers. But just insert silicone cup cake liners inside to catch everything when they get dirty, take them out and give them a rinse!

Or You can also get tissue storage kit car paper storage box cartoon plush tissue.


  1. Use a cereal container as a garbage can.

For long road trips, having a garbage can is necessary. Put a plastic bag in a cereal storage container, and place it in the back of the car.


  1. Keep a laundry basket in the trunk.

To make shopping trips easier, take a laundry basket with you before you leave the house. When you’re done with the groceries, place them in the basket, which will let you handle multiple bags with ease.

  1. Baby Car Safety Seat

If you a nursing mother, Baby Car Safety Seat is important for long road trips, this product is designed in strict accordance with the ergonomic design of children and has many protective and fixed parts to make your baby more comfortable and safer in the car. You can get one here.


  1. Car Phone Holder Universal

Planning driving for long road trips, you will need to save the phone data cable to the charging port to make charging easier and prevent the phone from falling. You can one here


  1. Clean Vents with A Foam Craft Brush or Car Vacuum Cleaner

Clear dust and gunk from the A/C vents with this dollar store find. You can get car vacuum cleaner here

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