How long does it take to receive my product?

Delivery timelines vary depending on your city and your selected product. Please be informed that delivery timelines for products shipped from oversea are significantly longer than for other products. 

Can the delivery lead-time in a state vary across its different cities?

Yes, it can. Deliveries to outskirts or outer parts of a state have longer timelines.

How can I track my order?

We will send you regular updates about the status of your order via emails and SMS. After your order has left our warehouse and is on its way to you.

Can I change my shipping address after I have placed my order?

You can request for your order to be delivered to a different address within the same region or city, before your order is shipped. Please contact our Customer Service Call Center at +2347033897023 or contact us here for more information. 
If you want to change the shipping address to a different region or city, we will have to cancel and repurchase your original order.

I found the package open and the product seal broken on delivery. What should I do?

You should always refuse to accept any open package, as we will not accept returns of electronics products unsealed (unless for defective reason). If you do accept such a package by mistake or find out it has been tampered with, please get in touch with our Customer Service Center immediately at +2347033897023 or contact us here.

I missed my delivery. What happens now?

We will attempt to deliver your order again the next working day. We will try to deliver a total of 3 times before cancelling your order.

Will somebody contact me before delivering the package to my location?

Yes, our delivery person will contact you to confirm your availability and exact location.

What are delivery charges?

Delivery charges are the costs undertaken by Pslooks and our logistics partners to bring your ordered item(s) to your doorstep.

Why do estimated delivery times vary for some sellers?

Estimated delivery times depend on the location of the seller. For example, a mobile phone shipping from China would have a different estimated delivery time for customers in US than a mobile phone shipping from US.

I ordered multiple items but I have received only one item so far. What’s going on?

Items sourced from different sellers are shipped separately to make sure that there is no delay in fulfilment of your order. Be rest assured that you will get all your items within the delivery period stated on the product pages of those items

Can my parcel be delivered to an office address?

Yes! Your parcel can be delivered to any address convenient for you. Just enter your preferred address as your ‘shipping address’ during checkout.

Does Pslooks deliver outside US?

Pslooks delivers all across US through its own logistics & external logistics partners.

Can I pick up my item instead of having it delivered?

Yes, this option can be chosen at the checkout step. You will be notified when your items arrive at the pickup station you chose, so you can come for pick up. 
Please be informed that once available at this pickup station you will have 7 days maximum to pickup your item. After 7 days the item would be sent back to the Seller and your order, cancelled.

My package is prepaid. Do I need to show any document when collecting it?

Yes. Please show your ID to the delivery associate / pick up station. It can be your Voters Card, Driver’s License, Work ID or your Passport.

Can someone collect my prepaid package on my behalf?

Yes. Please ensure your representative has the tracking number and a signed copy of your ID.

Does Pslooks deliver internationally?

Yes, we do provide international delivery.

My parcel has been reported missing. What now?

No need to worry. We will help you replace your order at no extra cost.

What is Pslooks Services?

Pslooks Services are Pslooks logistics services

I have a complaint about the delivery rider who came to deliver my order. What should I do?

Apologies for the inconvenience caused, please get in touch our Customer Service Call Center at +2347033897023 contact us here so we can make things right.