Cashew Nut Pack

Cashew Nut Pack

Maryam Retail Limited is synonymous as the largest Cashew Manufacturers in Nigeria for serving the quality and excellence in bulks. Keeping the food fresh is our business and delivering them to you for your good health is our passion. We seamlessly produce a quality that gives our customers great taste on the occasions and ceremonies. With the seal of trust and guaranteed freshness, we deal in the roasted and salted flavors.

The native tree of Nigeria’s rainforests, cashew is spread with the vitamins, some essential acids and power pack of protein that are the healthiest alternative to the snacking whenever your hunger pangs hit you harder. We are the widest Cashew Nut Suppliers in Nigeria and nearby markets as our core business are to provide you with the all-natural products whether in the bulks or small packets.

We want to keep your heart healthy so we are leading Cashew Wholesaler in Lagos Nigeria to provide you with the quality that you deserve. We have the wide range of the raw, roasted, salted, unsalted cashew that suits your health and flavors, as they do not contain any added artificial flavors. With the vision of catering the local market area with natural, non-artificial range of cashews, we are inheriting into the business.

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